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Start working with Dentiz, and bring your dental practice online today!

Dentiz will manage your patient appointments, send patient reminders, issue patients recalls, and more!

Patient Management

Dentiz provides an Advanced Patient management system for Patient Appointment Scheduling, Automated reminders, and recalls!

Patient Appointments

With a Cloud based appointment system Dentiz allows you to view patient appointments online, anywhere, anytime!

Patient Reminders & Recalls

With automated patient reminders and recalls, Dentiz will manage daily patient numbers and reduce no-shows!

Dentiz features

The Dentiz practive management system works for everyone – whether you have a website, a Facebook business page or no online presence at all.


Online Patient appointments

Dentiz appointments make life easy, with no fuss appointment creation that allows you to concentrate on your patients.

Automated Reminders

Staying connected with your patients has never been more important. Ensure patients are updated with instant SMS and email reminders.

Build Patient Relationships

Start working with Dentiz and extend your practices' personal touch by allowing patients to book appointments, receive reminders & ensure recalls are sent for all future patient bookings!

Automated Recalls

Ensure your patients get reminded at the right time for recalls! Issue recall reminders via SMS and E-Mail automatically and in advance! Start today, simplify your recalls and begin growing your practice with Dentiz!

Dentiz Features

Manage all of your patient appointments and recalls with Dentiz, and watch your practice grow!


Self service appointment scheduling for you and your patients.

Store and Manage your patients in one centralised system with Dentiz.

Ensure your patient details are accessible from any device at anytime.

Dentiz will manage your patient appointments, send patient reminders, issue patients recalls and more!

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